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Lakshmi Mills
The Company manufactures 100% combed cotton yarns in NE 50s to NE 120s, Polyester Cotton Blended yarns in NE 40s to NE 100s.

Besides, the Company manufactures 100% Lenzing Micro Modal/Modal/Tencel yarns, Micro Modal/Modal Cotton Blended yarns, 100% Micro Tencel yarn, Tencel/Cotton Blended yarn in counts NE 30s to 100s and X-Static Yarns in counts NE 20s to 40s.
The range includes Single and Doubled yarns for knitting and weaving both for domestic and export markets.
S.No. Mills Capacity (Spindles) Counts Spun (NE)
1. Palladam 66432

100% Cotton Combed Yarn
in NE 50s to 120s

100% Micro Tencel for Sewing Thread and Weaving Yarn
in NE 60s to 80s both Single and Doubled

100% Modal/Tencel/Micro Modal Yarns and Blended Yarns
in NE 30s to 60s for Knitting and Weaving

X-Static Yarns 95% Cotton & 5% X-Static Fibre, 90%Cotton & 10% X-Static Fibre
in NE 20/1, 24/1, 30/1 and 40/1

2. Kovilpatti 62888

Polyester Cotton Blended Yarns for Weaving
in NE 40s to 70s

Polyester Cotton Blended Yarns both Combed and Karded in NE 45s to 80s for Weaving and Knitting

The Company sells its yarns to Customers at SEZ, Garment Exporters, Bhiwandi,  Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Handloom & Powerloom Weavers in Tamil Nadu / Andhra Pradesh.

The Company is specialized in the manufacture & marketing of Lenzing Modal Yarn / X-Static Yarn both for local market and Exports.

Lenzing Modal® Logo

Three fibres are used by our company - viz Modal / Micro Modal / Tencel including Micro Tencel

Fabrics produced out of Micro Modal yarn absorbs moisture more quickly than cotton and stores more moisture even after many washes.
Brings colour Brilliance to Textiles. The Bright colours are still there after many washes.
Use of Modal in its bright form gives Textiles a silky, elegant lustre, comparable to mercerized cotton qualities.
Due to high resistance to alkali, Modal in blends with cotton can also be mercerized, which influences Cotton affinity, luster and also dimensional stability.
Textiles containing Lenzing Modal are distinguished by a pleasant and soft handle.
Modal Yarn is popular in Knitwear and Towels.
Modal Yarn is ideal for all kinds of Terry fabrics. Every towel of Modal makes the bathroom a little bit softer. A high quality Home Textiles.
Tencel Fibres are useful for weaving fabrics. Micro Tencel Fibres are extensively used for Bed Linen, Superfine Shirtings and Superfine Trousers


X-Static -The Silver Fiber imported from U.S.A, has a layer of pure silver permanently and irreversibly bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. It is uniquely suited to provide the following features:
Naturale All-Natural - Perfectly Safe, Non-Toxic, contains no chemicals or pesticides
antiodore Anti-Odor – Neutralizes ammonia and denatured proteins, Inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi.
antistatica Anti-static – It has high electric conduction, resulting in instant dissipation of electric charges.  
antimicrobica Anti-microbial - Fights bacteria which causes smell. In addition, it regulates temperature (cool in summer, warm in winter for its thermal properties) and is therapeutic (benefits to health and improvement to blood circulation).
Thermo Dynamic – It regulates temperature (cool in summer, warm in winter for its thermal properties)
Therapeutic – Benefits to health and improvement to blood circulation
Lakshmi Mills offers X-STATIC YARN both for knitting & weaving in NE 20s to 60s and also Knitted & Woven Fabrics made out of X-Static Yarns either with 5% Blend or 10% Blend depending upon the Customers requirements. 

Palladam Unit has state of the art machines to manufacture 100% Combed Cotton Yarn in NE 50s to 120s

Blow Room LR Line with Chute Feed with Bale Plucker arrangement
Cards LR 300A Cards with Auto Levelling
Combers LK 54
Draw Frames RSB-851
Simplex LF 1400 A
Ring Frames LR 6
Auto Coners Murata 21C with Uster Quantum Cleaner

Strict adherence to quality standards is the hall mark of our Company's Commitment. It is an ISO-9001 Certified Company.

Kovilpatti Unit is entirely tailor made for producing Polyester Cotton Blended Yarns. It is also an ISO-9001 Certified Unit maintaining strict quality control measures. It produces yarns to Countries like Italy, Spain and Middle East.
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